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Marketing & Innovation

"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation." formulated the management professor Peter Drucker.

Fresh ideas are always needed to activate these functions. They are the engine of entrepreneurial success. A mix of inspiration, curiosity and experience is needed to ferret out ideas. Determination,
to pick them up. And patience to develop them. An idea is typically snotty. She comes when she wants
she messes up everyone's plans and she makes a lot of work. Marcunleashed is prepared for exactly this impertinence. With a network that goes through fire for ideas without burning up too many resources unnecessarily.

Marc Aberle
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Marc Aberle

Hanseatic values at heart, at home everywhere. Marc is an entrepreneur who has gained a lot of experience in start-ups, lifestyle and culture around the world.marcunleashedis his new entrepreneurial home. From here he uses his knowledge and his global network. Together with Reini Crasemann, his goal is to create innovations, business models and brands that make our world a little bit better idea by idea. He appreciates reliability as well as rebellious breaking of conventions. That may sound like a restless free spirit. And that is what he is.

Reinhard Crasemann

Reinhard Craseman

With more than 25 years of experience as a creative director in renowned agencies, the communication expert has worked on all conceivable challenges for national and international brands. The creative, who has won almost all the important prizes in his industry worldwide, loves the idea and the strategic process leading to it. Withmarcunleashedputs this love at the center of his work. In the form of products, business models and brands. Reinhard lives and thinks in Hamburg.



The founders draw on a growing network of specialists who can be configured into teams depending on the task or requirement. This leads to highly efficient processes with scalable options for solving even more complex tasks in the best possible way.

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